Citi Field
New York, NY

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longitude: -73.845833
elevation: 2.9516224861145 m

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The King's College
Cooper Union
Columbia University
Globe Tech
The New School
Baruch College
City College of New York
John Jay
Medgar Evers
New York University
Borough of Manhattan Community College
Coalition for Social Change
Food & Finance
Landmark Conference
Urban Peace Academy
St Michael Academy
UASDC-Manhattan Bridges
St Jean Baptiste
Catholic A
Catholic AA
Catholic AAA
Harvard Cup
Monsignor Martin
Monsignor Martin A
Monsignor Martin AA
New York
PSAL Bronx-Manhattan
PSAL Brooklyn 1
PSAL Brooklyn 2
PSAL Queens
PSAL Staten Island
Section 1
Section 1 A
Section 1 AA
Section 1 AA - North
Section 1 AA-Rockland
Section 1 AA - South
Section 1 B
Section 1 C
Section 1 C - League A
Section 1 C - League B
Section 1 D
Section 11
Section 11 Division I
Section 11 Division II
Section 11 Division III
Section 11 Division IV
Section 1A League A
Section 1A League B
Section 2
Section 2 Big 10
Capital Buckley
Capital Reinfurt
Foothills Council
Northern Adirondack I
Northern Adirondack II
Suburban Council Blue
Suburban Council Gold
Section 2A
Section 2A Division I
Section 2A Division II
Section 2AA
Section 2AA Division I
Section 2AA Division II
Section 2AA Division III
Section 2B
Section 2B Reinfurt
Section 2B West
Section 2C
Section 2C Central
Section 2C North
Section 2C South
Section 2D
Section 3
Section 3 Class A American
Section 3 Class A National
Section 3 Class AA 1
Section 3 Class AA 2
Section 3 Class B East
Section 3 Class B West
Section 3 Class C East
Section 3 Class C North
Section 3 Class C West
Section 3 Class D East
Section 3 Class D West
Section 3 Freelance
Section 4
Section 4 A
Section 4 A Division II
Section 4 AA
Section 4 AA Division I
Section 4 B
Section 4 B Division III
Section 4 B Division IV
Section 4 C Division IV
Section 4 C Division V
Section 4 C Division VI
Section 4 C Division VII
Section 4 C Division VIII
Section 4 D
Section 4 D Division IX
Section 4 Freelance
Section 5
Section 5 City-Catholic
Section 5 Finger Lakes Central
Section 5 Finger Lakes East
Section 5 Finger Lakes West
Section 5 Freelance
Section 5 Genesee Region
Section 5 Livingston I
Section 5 Livingston II
Section 5 Livingston III
Section 5 Monroe I
Section 5 Monroe II
Section 5 Monroe III
Section 6
Section 6 A North
Section 6 A South
Section 6 AA
Section 6 AA North
Section 6 AA South
Section 6 B North
Section 6 B South
Section 6 C North
Section 6 C South
Section 6 D East
Section 6 D North
Section 6 D South
Section 6 D West
Section 7-10
Section 7-10 Northern Division I
Section 7-10 Northern Division II
Section 7-10 Northern Division III
Section 8
Section 8 Conference I
Section 8 Conference II
Section 8 Conference III
Section 8 Conference IV
Section 8 Freelance
Section 9
Section 9 A
Section 9 AA-I
Section 9 AA-II
Section 9 B-I
Section 9 B-II
Section 9 C
Section 9 D
Sherman Central
Section 1B-1
Section 1B-2
Section 1B-3
Section 4 D Division VII
Section 4 D Division VIII
PSAL Freelance
Section 3 Class D Central
Section 7-10 Class A
Section 7-10 Class B East
Section 7-10 Class B West
Section 7-10 Class C-D
Section 1 Freelance
Class B
Class C
Class D
NY Others
Section 1 AA - Central
Section 1 AA - West
Section 1 C-D
Section 1 C-D - League A
Section 1 C-D - League B
Section 2AA-Empire
Section 2AA-Liberty
Section 4 D Division VI
Section 5 Finger Lakes Central 1
Section 5 Finger Lakes Central 2
Section 6 C
Section 6 D
Section 6 DD
PSAL Brooklyn
Section 1 A-Central
Section 1 A-North
Section 1 A-South
Section 1 A-West
Section 3 Class C South
Section 4 D Division X
Section 7-10 Class B
Section 9 B
Section 2A-Northwest
Section 2A-Southeast
Section 2D-North
Section 2D-South
Section 7-10 Class C
Section 7-10 Class D
Section 1 I-A
Section 1 I-B
Section 1 I-C
Section 1 I-D
Section 1 II-Central
Section 1 II-North
Section 1 II-South
Section 1 III-A
Section 1 III-B
Section 1 III-C
Section 1 IV-A
Section 1 IV-B
Section 1 IV-C
Section 10
Section 10 Central
Section 10 East
Section 10 West
Section 11 A-V
Section 11 A-VI
Section 11 AA-I
Section 11 AA-II
Section 11 AA-III
Section 11 AA-IV
Section 11 B-C-VII
Section 11 C-D-VIII
Section 2 Adirondack-East
Section 2 Adirondack-West
Section 2 Big Ten
Section 2 Colonial
Section 2 Foothills
Section 2 Patroon
Section 2 Suburban-Blue
Section 2 Suburban-Gold
Section 2 Suburban-White
Section 2 Wasaren
Section 2 Western-Northern
Section 2 Western-Southern
Section 2 Central Hudson Valley
Section 2 Central Hudson Valley-Blue
Section 2 Central Hudson Valley-Green
Section 3 Center State I
Section 3 Center State II
Section 3 Center State III
Section 3 Center State IV
Section 3 Colonial
Section 3 Freedom
Section 3 Frontier A
Section 3 Frontier B
Section 3 Frontier C
Section 3 Frontier D
Section 3 Liberty
Section 3 Patriot
Section 3 Tri-Valley
Section 4 Delaware County
Section 4 Interscholastic I
Section 4 Interscholastic II
Section 4 Interscholastic III
Section 4 Midstate I
Section 4 Midstate II
Section 4 Southern Tier-Central
Section 4 Southern Tier-East
Section 4 Southern Tier-Metro
Section 4 Southern Tier-West
Section 4 Tri-Valley
Section 5 Allegany County
Section 5 Finger Lakes-East 1
Section 5 Finger Lakes-East 2
Section 5 Genesee County 1
Section 5 Livingston County I
Section 5 Livingston County II
Section 5 Livingston County III
Section 5 Monroe County I
Section 5 Monroe County II
Section 5 Monroe County III
Section 5 Rochester City Catholic
Section 5 Steuben County
Section 5 Wayne County
Section 6 Buffalo
Section 6 Cattaraugus County
Section 6 Chautauqua County I
Section 6 Chautauqua County II
Section 6 Erie County I
Section 6 Erie County II
Section 6 Erie County III
Section 6 Erie County IV
Section 6 Freelance
Section 6 Niagara - Frontier
Section 6 Niagara - Orleans
Section 7
Section 7 Champlain Valley I
Section 7 Champlain Valley II
Section 7 Mountain Valley
Section 8 AA-1
Section 8 AA-2
Section 8 AA-3
Section 8 AA-4
Section 8 ABC-1
Section 8 ABC-2
Section 8 ABC-3
Section 8 ABC-4
Section 8 ABC-5
Section 9 Mid Hudson I
Section 9 Mid Hudson II
Section 9 Mid Hudson III
Section 9 Mid Hudson IV
Section 9 Orange County I
Section 9 Orange County II
Section 9 Orange County III
Section 9 Orange County IV
Section 9 Orange County V
Section 9 Orange County VI
PSAL Championship
Section 6 D Central
Section 3 Class D North
Section 3 Class D South
Section 6A
Section 4 Southern Tier
Section 5 Livingston County
Section 4 Interscholastic
Catholic AAA-AA
Catholic A - North
Catholic A - South
Section 4 Interscholastic - North Small
Section 4 Interscholastic - South Small
Section 4 Delaware County - Delaware Mountain
Section 4 Delaware County - Upper Delaware
Section 4 Tri-Valley - East
Section 4 Tri-Valley - West
PSAL Area Freelance
PSAL Area Ivy
PSAL Brooklyn - A South
PSAL Brooklyn - A East
PSAL Brooklyn - A West
PSAL Manhattan
PSAL Manhattan - A East
PSAL Manhattan - A Northwest
PSAL Manhattan - A Southwest
PSAL Manhattan - B 1
PSAL Manhattan - B 2
PSAL Manhattan - B 3
PSAL Queens - A West
PSAL Queens - B East
PSAL Queens - B West
PSAL Queens - A East
PSAL Queens AA
PSAL Manhattan AA
PSAL Brooklyn - B East
PSAL Brooklyn - B West
PSAL Bronx
PSAL Bronx - A East
PSAL Bronx - A West
PSAL Bronx - B East
PSAL Bronx - B West
PSAL Staten Island A
Section 1 II-A
Section 1 II-B
Section 1 II-C
Section 1 II-D
Section 4 Interscholastic - North Large
Section 4 Interscholastic - South Large
Section 11 AA-A-4
Catholic Nassau Suffolk
Catholic AA - Brooklyn-Queens
Catholic AA - New York
Catholic A - Central
Section 1 III-D
Section 1 II-E
Section 3 Central Counties
PSAL Brooklyn AA
Section 11 B-7
PSAL Queens A
PSAL Manhattan - A West
PSAL Manhattan - B South
PSAL Manhattan - B West
PSAL Brooklyn - B1 East
PSAL Brooklyn - B2 East
PSAL Brooklyn - B North
PSAL Brooklyn - B South
PSAL Brooklyn AA - Group 1
PSAL Brooklyn AA - Group 2
PSAL Brooklyn A
PSAL Manhattan - B East
PSAL Bronx A
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus III East
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus III West
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus II East
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus II West
Section 3 Central Counties - National
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus I
Independent Private Parochial
Catholic Brooklyn-Queens I
Ivy Prep
Section 3 Colonial - American
Section 3 Colonial - National
Section 6 Buffalo A
PSAL Bronx - B South
PSAL Bronx - B North
PSAL Manhattan - B North
PSAL Queens - A Mid-West
PSAL Queens - B North
PSAL Queens - B Central
PSAL Queens - B South
PSAL Brooklyn - B Central
Class AAA
Class BB
Class CC
Section 6 Chautauqua County III
Section 6 Buffalo B
Section 8 A-1
Section 8 A-2
Section 8 A-3
Section 8 A-4
Section 8 A-6
Section 8 BC
Catholic AA - Bronx-Manhattan
Catholic B
Section 11 A-B-7
Section 5 Genesee County
Section 11 B-C-D-8
Metro Schools
Section 2 Suburban - North
Section 2 Suburban - South
Section 6 B Central
Section 9 C-II
Section 9 C-I
Section 11 AA-A-5
Section 5 Finger Lakes - East
Section 6 Buffalo I
Section 6 Buffalo II
Section 5 Genesee County 2
Section 4 Midstate
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus III
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus II
Section 6 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus IV
PSAL Bronx - A South
PSAL Bronx - A North
PSAL Manhattan - A North
PSAL Manhattan - A South
Catholic Long Island
Section 6 Chautauqua County IV
Section 4 Southern Tier - Central
Section 5 Private Parochial
Section 10 North
PSAL Bronx-Manhattan-Queens AA
Section 11 AA-5
Section 11 A-7
Section 11 B-8
Section 4 Interscholastic - Large North
Section 4 Interscholastic - Large South
Section 4 Interscholastic - Small North
Section 4 Interscholastic - Small South
Section 11 C-D-9
Section 1 AA - 1
Section 1 AA - 2
Section 1 A - 1
Section 1 A - 2
Section 5 Monroe East A
Section 5 Monroe West A
Section 5 Monroe East AA
Section 5 Monroe West AA
Section 6 B - East
Section 6 B - West
Catholic Brooklyn-Queens II
Section 6 Buffalo C
PSAL Manhattan - B Central
PSAL Queens B West 1
PSAL Queens B West 2
Section 5 Monroe County II - East
Section 5 Monroe County II - West
Section 5 Monroe County I - East
Section 5 Monroe County I - West
Section 5 Monroe Division III
Section 5 Monroe Division I
Section 5 Monroe Division II
Section 8 Conference V
Section 3 Class D - Central
Section 2 D - South
Section 4 B Division II
Section 4 C Division III
Section 4 D Division V
Section 6 A Central
Section 6 B - North
Little Red & Elisabeth Irwin
Beacon (New York)
LaSalle Academy
Loyola (New York)
Randolph Campus
Manhattan Village Academy
Collegiate (New York)
Fashion Industries
Regis Jesuit
Trinity (New York)
West 50th Street
Birch Wathen Lenox
Columbia Prep
United Nations International School
York Prep
Graphic Communication Arts
Marta Valle
Frederick Douglas Secondary
University Neighborhood
Marshall Academy
Seward Park
CPH-East Harlem
Friends Seminary
Manhattan Center for Science & Math
Trevor Day
Economics & Finance
Art & Design
Health Profession
Academy of Environmental Science
Henry Street
Math Science & Engineering
New Explorations
Bread and Roses
Lab Museum United
East Side Community
American Sign Language & English
Life Sciences
Leadership (New York)
Leadership & Public Service
Collaborative Educational
Convent of the Sacred Heart
Cathedral (New York)
St Vincent Ferrer
Rudolf Steiner
Notre Dame of Manhattan
Cristo Rey
Dominican Academy
Mother Cabrini
KIPP NYC College Prep
Lycee Francais de New York
Washington Heights Expeditionary
Winston Prep
Claremont Preparatory School
Saint Albans
Martin Luther King
Norman Thomas
Calhoun (New York)
Roosevelt (New York)
Community Health Academy
Leman Manhattan Prep
St George Academy
Grace Church
Democracy Prep
Hyde Leadership
Harlem Village Academy
Academy for Social Action
City College Academy of the Arts
Inwood Academy
Broome Street Academy
Esperanza Preparatory Academy